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How do multiple and noisy external stimuli cause coordinated changes in gene expression?

How are differentiation signals memorized by genetic and epigenetic networks?

Can we rationalize how a limited number of signaling pathways regulate a great variety of cell behaviors? What are promising molecular targets to interfere with the complex cellular networks for therapeutic purposes? To address these questions, the research of our group aims at elucidating the dynamics of regulatory networks in eukaryotic cells, employing iterative cycles of theoretical and experimental work.

Mathematical modeling and computational analyses are our core activities that are carried out in close interaction with experimental approaches. With a common methodology – based on the theory of biochemical reaction networks and reaction-diffusion systems, nonlinear dynamics, numerical simulation and parameter identification – we address problems at several overlapping scales of organization. These focus on the kinetics of molecular machines in gene regulation and dynamic signal-transduction and gene-regulatory networks governing cell proliferation and differentiation decisions.


Research Focus