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I am a PhD student at German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg.

My research aim is to combine mathematical and experimental approaches to understand how environmental information is transmitted via signaling networks to direct cellular decision-making in the context of cellular proliferation. I am specifically interested in the regulation of the restriction point of cell cycle in a specific cancer type called neuroblastoma.

The restriction point is deregulated in several cancer types and it is still unclear how the molecular networks act in concert to allow the cell to decide to proliferate, die or arrest.

It is also interesting the fact that Neuroblastoma is a cancer that is developed very early in childhood and has the highest percent of spontaneous regression, which certainly constitutes and interesting model for elucidating mechanisms of malignant transformation.

Scientific background

2010 - Present : PhD Candidate, Cancer Research Program , Heidelberg University.

2002-2006 : BS, Microbiology. Universidad de Pamplona, Colombia.

Recent Publications

Florez AF, Watowich S, Muskus C. Current Advances in Computational Strategies for Drug Discovery in Leishmaniasis. (2012).  Current Topics in Tropical Medicine ,  ISBN: 978-953-51-0274-8. (link). (Book chapter)

Cuartas Arias JM, Palacio Acosta CA, Valencia JG, Montoya GJ, Arango Viana JC, Nieto OC, Flórez AF, Camarena Medellin BE, Montoya WR, Lopez Jaramillo CA, Achury JG, Fuentes CC, Berrio GB, Ruiz-Linares A. (2011)

Exploring epistasis in candidate genes for antisocial personality disorder.

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Florez AF, Park D, Bhak J, Chul Kim B, Kuchinsky A, Morris JH, Muskus C. (2010). Protein network prediction and topological analysis in Leishmania major as a tool for drug target selection. BMC Bioinformatics 11(1):484.


Research Interests